Phone Verification System

Phone Verification System

Phone Verification System is especially designed to verify users by doing verification on phones instead of websites. VoIPTech’s phone verification system gives double protection against fraud registrations. We at VoIPTech offer cost-effective development services for phone verification system. The software is simple, easy to use and maintain. Phone number verification is done through two methods.

Method 1

Users receive phone calls from server, once the form is submitted. On pickup, users hear some verification code generated by website. Users enter that code in the text box of web-page to get verified.

Method 2

Users see the verification code on web-page. Once the form is submitted, users get a phone call from system. Users get an IVR message asking them to enter the verification code on their phones. Thus, code can be sent by DTMF to get verified.

Key Features of Phone Verification Solution
  • Accuracy
  • Secured
  • Phone Type Identification
  • Customizable
Key Benefits of Phone Number Verification Solution
  • Verifies if phone numbers are authentic
  • Defines time zone to control calling times
  • Prevents automatic registrations
  • Validates wireless vs land-line data for compliance