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"Hello, we are VoIPTech. Your VoIP service."
We allow subscribers to use their systems freely at any part of the world. We offer a reliable, low cost VoIP service that is trusted by thousands of users from over 60 countries including the USA, the UK and Canada. We’ll help you to get all your needs on VoIP.

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You can take a 30-day FREE trial of VoIPTech with absolutely no obligations. A simple web-based portal gives you total control over all your telephony requirements. Ready to take your business to new heights?

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"VoIP for Business: the VoIPTech Services"
VoIPstudio is a cloud-based business phone system created especially for organizations that require professional
communication features without having to own and manage an onsite telephone system.


Professional web app development team well versed with new technologies to provide IPTV application development.

Call Center Software

Call Center Software

Aim to deliver advanced and attention grabbing mobile application for all the contemporary mobile phones.

Voip Feature


Deliver Complete VoIP business solutions with the highest precision in varied open source technologies like WebRTC, FreeSWITCH.


CRM integration

Connect your business with the Internet-enabled devices, transform business possibilities and take user experience to new heights.


Instant deployment

Because there is no hardware PBX (telephone switch) to install, you can start using our system within 10 minutes from signing up.

Pbx Feature

Advanced PBX features

You will not need to worry ever again about full voicemail box rejecting messages from your customers. With VoIPstudio IP PBX you will enjoy unlimited voicemail and call recording storage.

Simple and powerful business VoIP solution

brought to you by one of the leading VoIP providers

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